3 For Free

We have already created the best graded silver coin of the month program for our customers. We collaborate with the largest grading companies in the world to select unique and valuable coins at the highest graded level each month. You simply enroll in the program and we do all the leg work for you. But what’s better than getting some of the coolest coins from around the world at great prices?

Getting them for free.

That’s what the Three for Free program is all about. We find that many of our customers like talking about their coins with friends and family. In fact most of our new customers have come from existing customers. We wanted a way to reward these customers that spread the word about graded silver coins. Simply get three of your friends, family or just acquaintances to sign up for the Shop Numis Coin of the Month program and each month they purchase a coin your coin is free. It’s really just as simple as that.

One of the coolest things about the Three for Free program is there is no limit to the amount of free coins you can receive. Get 6 people to sign up for the program … get 2 free coins. Get 12 people and you will receive 4 coins each month. You can build a war chest of free graded coins by simply talking about the program.

In order to make it easy for our customers to refer others we give each ShopNumis Coin of the Month subscriber their own website for referrals. Our customer referral sites are fully functional websites where your contacts can sign up for the program or just shop our wide selection of graded coins and coin supplies. So start spreading the word today and get your coins free each and every month.