Frequently Asked Questions

What is your return policy?
If you are unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason you can return your coin for a full refund (less shipping) within 30 days of your purchase. Simply email us at with your order number and name and we will send you a Return Authorization Number to include with your return. Please allow for 5 business days for processing upon receipt of your coin.
How are my coins shipped?
Domestic orders are fulfilled via insured USPS priority mail. Typically your package will arrive between 2 and 5 days from your order depending on your location.
What is a graded coin and what makes it different from a normal bullion coin?
Graded coins are coins that have been certified as authentic and graded on the condition by an independent third party agency. ShopNumis only sells coins graded by the “Big Three” (ANACS, PCGS, and NGC). The Big Three are universally accepted as the best of the best when it comes to grading an authenticating coins.
Are graded coins more valuable than bullion coins?
We like to think so and history seems to agree. With a normal bullion coin you have value in the underlying metal content. If silver and/or gold prices appreciate then the bullion coin tends to follow that appreciation. With a graded MS70 coin not only do you have the underlying commodity appreciation but also there can be significant numismatic appreciation. For instance a normal bullion 1997 Silver American Eagle is worth around $20 in the current market. That same Silver Eagle numismatically preserved, certified and graded at MS70 is worth over $500 conservatively. Additionally over the last 20 years numismatic coins have handily outperformed the bullion market.
What does MS70 mean?
It means you have the best of the best. Coins are graded on a scale from 0 to 70. A coin graded at zero would barely be discernable as a coin while a coin graded at 70 is considered numismatically perfect. Typically less than 10% of modern issue coins will grade at the 70. At ShopNumis we primarily sell coins graded at 70. All of our Coin of the Month series coins are MS70s. From time to time we offer some unique pieces in the general shopping area that cannot be found at the 70 level due to age and circulation.
Can I purchase coins for my IRA?
The IRS has deemed that certain coins can be held in an IRA. Please contact us for further details regarding our IRA purchasing program.
Can I subscribe to receive only American Silver Eagles in the ShopNumis Coin of the Month Program?
Absolutely, we have many customers that choose this option. Simply email us at any time to switch to the American Eagle Only version of the ShopNumis Coin of the Month Program.
Some of the coins you sell are available for sale on Ebay at lower prices. What gives?
Of course you may be able to find a lower price on a different site. We think our Coin of the Month offering is a unique and stress-free way to collect, but that doesn’t always mean our prices are the cheapest in every situation. Also we haven’t found another site around that gives you the opportunity to get your silver for FREE. We would also caution even veteran coin collectors from purchasing coins on auction sites as there has been rampant fraud perpetrated over the years. Many times people do not realize they have purchased counterfeit coins until they go to sell the coins many years later. With ShopNumis you have complete peace of mind as we purchase coins directly through the grading agencies so our customers are guaranteed to get exactly what they order—every time.
When will my first monthly coin ship after my initial purchase?
Typically we ship the ShopNumis Coin of the Month on the 1st, 7th, 13th, 19th, and 25th of each month. Depending on the date you signed up you will be assigned a monthly shipment on the closest day of our monthly shipments. For example if you sign up on the 5th of the month the next month your coin will be processed and prepared for shipment on the 7th. You can always change your date by simply emailing
How do I stop or pause the Coin of the Month?
There are a multitude of ways to manage your Coin of the Month Subscription. You can always call or email us at the office and we can either suspend or cancel your account. Secondly you have the option to login to your customer account at ShopNumis to cancel and/or modify your monthly subscription. We tried to make it as easy as possible for you to have full control over your account. Just make sure if you are going to make a change to do so 1 full day ahead of your normal order date to give us time to process your request.