Coins of the World

Armenian Noah's Ark

In 2011, the Central Bank of Armenia issued a new one ounce silver coin commemorating Noah's Ark and Mount Ararat. Situated along the Armenian/Turkish border, Mount Ararat dominates the skyline of Armenia's capital, Yerevan, and has become an important national symbol for the small democratic republic. According to the Book of Genesis (8:4), Mount Ararat was the final resting place for Noah's Ark after the waters of the Great Flood receded.

Australian Koala

The 2015 Silver Koala features a new design depicting this endearing animal in full relief. This year’s design features a koala peering out across the vast grassy plains of the Australian Outback from the safety of his perch in a eucalyptus tree.

Australian Kookabura

This year the Perth Mint marks the 25th anniversary of the Australian Silver Kookaburra with a special commemorative design.

The reverse side image for the 2015 Silver Kookaburra features the original 1990 design of the kookaburra perched on a tree stump in the outback, with the years 1990-2015 printed below.

Austrian Philharmonic

Struck in .999 pure silver, and created through a painstaking and demanding minting process, the 2014 Philharmonic is a stunning example of the exquisite precision and artistry that has made this coin so highly prized. This coin was designed to honor one of the world's most acclaimed orchestras: the Vienna Philharmonic, which has become tied to the national identity of Austria since its inception in 1842.

Chinese Silver Panda

The design for the 2014 Silver Panda depicts a young panda playing with a low tree branch. Behind him a vast forest of bamboo rises, shading the little panda in a canopy of delicate leaves. Fewer than 1,600 giant pandas remain in the wild and they exist almost entirely on a diet of bamboo.

Silver Mexico Libertad

First introduced in 1982, the Mexican Silver Libertad is produced by the prestigious Casa de Moneda de MŽxico, the oldest mint in the Western Hemisphere. Today, it ranks among the most popular pure silver coins in the world. The coin’s obverse highlights the multiple versions of the Mexican Coat of Arms that have been used throughout that nation’s history. The design commemorates the historically significant founding of Mexico City and depicts an eagle devouring a snake while perched on a cactus.