2014-W MS70 ANACS Silver Eagle (#10-2014-DA002)

In 1986 the United States mint released what became the most popular silver coin in the world: the Silver Eagle.

These coins are available exclusively from the San Francisco and West Point mints. This month, Numis offers you the West Point minted Silver Eagle.

The Silver Eagle is based on the stunning 1916 half dollar, depicting a flag-draped figure of Lady Liberty striding toward a new day. The revival of this classic design helped skyrocket the Silver Eagle’s popularity among collectors. On the reverse, the coin features a heraldic eagle behind a shield.

Like all Silver Coin of the Month coins, these are graded MS70. But before grading, the grader also certifies the coins came in a sealed package from the West Point mint. How can the grader be certain where the

coin was minted? Sealed Treasury boxes, or 'Monster Boxes' are shipped with a security strap identifying the mint. ANACS themselves break this strap, guaranteeing its origin when they grade each coin.

What does that mean? It means you have one of the few guaranteed West Point minted versions of the silver world’s most popular coin.