2014 MS70 ANACS Silver Mexico Libertad (#10-2014-IA011)

First introduced in 1982, the Mexican Silver Libertad is produced by the prestigious Casa de Moneda de MŽxico, the oldest mint in the Western Hemisphere. Today, it ranks among the most popular pure silver coins in the world.

The coin’s obverse highlights the multiple versions of the Mexican Coat of Arms that have been used throughout that nation’s history. The design commemorates the historically significant founding of Mexico City and depicts an eagle devouring a snake while perched on a cactus.

The reverse design features a landmark statue in Mexico City, ‘El çngel de la Independencia’ (The Angel of Independence), which was built to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Mexico’s War of Independence with Spain. The Angel, as it is commonly known in Mexico, holds a laurel crown in her right hand symbolizing victory and a broken chain in her left representing Mexico’s freedom from Spanish rule.

In the background, the twin volcanoes PopocatŽpetl and Iztaccihuatl can be seen. They were named after a prince and princess from two opposing native tribes who were banished after they married against their parents’ wishes. Legend has it that the spirits of the two lovers reside within the mountains, waiting to force any foreign invaders from their lands.

Struck in 99.9% fine silver, the one ounce Mexican Libertad is stunningly beautiful coin that makes a wonderful addition to any collection.