2014-S MS70 ANACS Silver Eagle - Struck at San Francisco Mint (#10-2014-DA001)

The prestigious San Francisco Mint is once again striking Silver American Eagles.

From 1989 to 2000, Silver Eagles were struck concurrently at the West Point and San Francisco mint facilities. In 2001, however, production was limited exclusively to the US Mint in West Point. But, due to the unprecedented demand for Silver Eagles, the San Francisco Mint has once again been pressed into service in the production of these magnificent coins.

When it was announced at the beginning of the year that the San Francisco Mint would be producing Silver Eagles, collectors everywhere became excited. The chance to own one of the few coins struck in San Francisco was too valuable of an opportunity to miss. But there was a catch; the coins would be produced without a mint mark.

Fortunately, ANACS had a simple solution. Sealed Treasury boxes, known as ‘Monster Boxes’, are shipped with a security strap identifying the mint location. ANACS recently announced that they would certify coins from the San Francisco Mint as long as they were submitted in the sealed Treasury boxes as proof of their origin.

It is estimated that less than 10% of the total number of 2014 Silver Eagles will be produced at the San Francisco Mint. Considerably fewer will be certified, with only a fraction of them receiving a perfect grade of MS70.