2009-S PR70 ANACS DCAM John Tyler (#20-2009-DA200)

John Tyler served as Vice President under President William Henry Harrison. However, a month later when Harrison died, Tyler became the new President. He assumed all of the duties and powers of the office and in doing so, set a new standard. Tyler served the remainder of Harrison’s original term from 1841 to 1845.

The John Tyler coin is the 2nd of the series to be released in 2009 and is the 10th Presidential Dollar to be issued overall. These proof coins were produced in very limited quantities exclusively at the San Francisco mint.

Featured on the obverse of the John Tyler dollar is his portrait which was created by the artist/sculptor Phoebe Hemphill.   Inscriptions include “John Tyler,” “In God We Trust,” “10th President,” and the years of his Presidential term “1841-1845.”

The Statue of Liberty designed and sculpted by Don Everhart is featured on the coin's reverse. This is same design that has been used  since 2007, when the series began. “United States of America” along with the face value of “$1″ are also inscribed on the reverse.