2011 MS69 ANACS 5OZ America the Beautiful Quarter Set (#40-0039)

These coins are impressive in every aspect! Each has a large 3.0 inch diameter, contain 5 ounces of 99.9% pure investment-grade silver, and is graded MS69.  These very special coins are exquisitely minted exclusively for collectors. 

US Mint Director Ed Moy stated  'Because the United States Mint was only able to produce and make available a limited quantity of each these silver bullion coins in the relatively short period since the authorizing legislation was approved, we anticipate that demand for these coins will be significant.'  That turned out to be an understatement.

There is much more detail present on these 3 inch coins since each work die is engraved and not hubbed. The hubbing process, which is used on standard coins like ordiniary quarters 'softens' the design and reduces detail.

The America the Beautiful Silver Coins Program is similar to the America the Beautiful Quarters® Program as both series share the same designs and each honor national parks or other national sites within the United States and its territories, as mandated by Public Law 110-456.