Gold Plated 56 US State Quarter Collection in Glossy Flat Display Box (#40-0035)

All 50 US States and 6 US Territories have their individual stories commemorated with these visually stunning coins.

This limited edition set can now be yours.

For the first time in mint history, each state and territory was allowed to determine for itself what images best represented its history. Those designs were then immortalized on their commemorative coins.

These gold plated quarters capture Americana unlike any other coin series that has ever been issued. In fact it’s like 56 American short stories.

Numis Network is honored to present this incredible set of 56 gem brilliant uncirculated coins layered in 24K gold. Each coin is individually protected and preserved in its own custom made ‘PVC-free’ acrylic holder. The entire collection is elegantly housed in a finely crafted cherry-tone solid wood display box.

When the United States government decided to honor each state and territory with a coin of its own, they began by minting 5 coins a year. Production of each design was strictly limited to just 10 weeks. The vast majority of these quarters were released directly into circulation, which impairs (or destroys) their long-term value.

This is a limited edition set of a coin series that, by law, can never be produced again. In fact, when the program ended, the government had to destroy all the remaining coins which had not been released. This set represents the top 1 or 2% of all the coins in this series ever minted. Each of these quarters is layered in pure 24K gold.

What you are getting is a set that there can never be more of.